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General queries & technical support

Your Xplan champion

> 'how to' queries on how your practice/licensee uses Xplan or our Opex solutions
Note, this is often your practice manager or your licensee's Head Office team.

Your Xplan champion can help you with things like:

    • Content requirements - what content and disclosures your licensee/practice requires you to include in your client-facing documents and/or required text updates 
    • Template text - updating / adding managed field content as 'Template' text to free text fields in Xplan (see here for tips)
    • Training requirements - identify custom Xplan training requirements (see Business Support options for our consulting services) 
    • Xplan licence changes - requesting approval for Xplan licence or capability changes (see here for licence tips or raise a licence request with our forms)
    • Iress pricing - pricing for Xplan licences (check your practice's last invoice from Iress)

If your Xplan champion needs our assistance, they can Submit a request with our Opex Support team. 


Iress Support

> 'how to' queries or issues with standard Xplan functionality - including:
     > Client Focus functions (e.g. emails, notes, data entry)
     > datafeed issues
     > modelling in IPS, Xtools, Xtools+, Risk Researcher or WealthSolver

Access Iress's online hubs from within your Xplan site by selecting the drop-down next to your name - just check your internet browser is not blocking pop-ups:

    • Iress Community - ‘How to’ articles for standard Xplan functionality
    • Iress Learning Centre - Training videos on standard Xplan functionality
    • Iress Connect - Raise queries to the Iress Support team on standard Xplan functionality via their Iress Connect portal 


Opex Support

> 'how to' queries, settings updates or issues with our Opex Suite solutions on Xplan
> Xplan licence change requests
> other general or site admin Xplan queries

Access our online Support portal via the link below (and save it as a favourite!), or via the links throughout our Opex Suite solution. Your work email address is your username; if you've forgotten your password select the 'Forgot my password' link and follow the prompts. 

    • Opex Support portal - ‘How to’ articles for standard Xplan functionality or Submit a request to raise a query directly to our Opex Support team
    • Opex Helpdesk - 1300 131 152 (9am - 5pm AEDT) - for urgent issues, such as site performance, password resets or access issues

New to Opex, and you're not sure where to start? Work your way through our recommended training pathways:

We love to help, but please note that our Opex Helpdesk is not a training or consulting service, and you will be expected to make use of self-service material available on our portal. If customised work is required specific to your business, our standard hourly consulting rates will apply.

Business support


Opex Consultant

> Consulting projects for bespoke assistance with training, practice efficiency audits, process management, coding or advanced configuration etc. 

Got some projects you want to discuss?

    • Submit a request via our Support portal and let us know what you're trying to achieve. One of our consultants will contact you to see how we can best help and walk you through what to expect from our consulting service.

Our standard consulting rates apply of $300ph + GST, with a minimum of 4 hours. 


Opex Relationship Manager

> Strategic discussions around your technology stack and what business solutions are available
> Practice and licensee movements - onboardings, offboardings 

Want to have a chat around your business plans?

    • Submit a request via our Support portal and let us know you want to have a chat with your Opex Relationship Manager.


Iress Account Manager

> Queries on your Iress service agreement and Xplan licence costs
> Iress-specific projects - such as set up of Client Portal
> Practice and licensee movements - client data conversion requests for practices onboarding or offboarding 

Your Xplan champion will email or call your Iress Account Manager.

    • If you're not sure who your Iress Account Manager is, Submit a request via our Opex Support team and we'll find out for you.
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