May Release: Utilising the Last Brokerage Date field

Ever wanted to dissect your Brokerage data to show you clients that you are no longer receiving brokerage for? This new field will allow you to do this quickly and easily through the Xeppo platform! 

  • Due to Commission/Brokerage connectors not having an entity status (e.g.CommPay, Plan, Revex etc), Xeppo have created a field within the source client screen titled ‘Source Client - Last Brokerage Record Date’ which is the last date Commission/Brokerage was received for the client
  • You can build a view in Xeppo Core via the Admin > Source Clients screen to mark a list of clients from a Commission/Brokerage connector to a status of ‘Inactive’ for clients that you have not received Brokerage/Commission for a period of time or for clients that are no longer active.
  • For Example in the below screenshot I have created a view for all clients where the ‘Source Client - Last Brokerage Record Date’ is less than the 1st of April 2018 and where the ‘Source Client – Status’ is set to Active:


  • I can then select the clients and then click on ‘Actions > Mark As Inactive’ then select ‘Update Records’ from the Detail Pop Up:


  • This will then Mark those clients as inactive from that specific connector. You can see which connector you are marking them Inactive from through the ’Connector’ column visible in Source Clients screen

For all features and fixes that were released in May please see the following article

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