📝Uploading Historical Revenue Data into Xeppo


What is historic revenue data used for?

If you previously processed your revenue data in a revenue management system (such as Commpay) under your old AFSL or your current AFSL then you can import 12 months of historical data into Xeppo. This will allow you to make use of the FDS tools available in Xeppo and meet your reporting obligations. Note that this upload is chargeable and the exact figure will be provided once the data has been reviewed. 

In order to import these transactions Opex needs this data in csv format and it must contain the fields highlighted in the attached spreadsheet titled OPEX Historical FDS Upload Template.

If you are an existing Xplan and commpay user, the below steps can be followed to download the 12 months transaction history from commpay. If you used any other system you can populate the attached template with the relevant data.

  1. Navigate to Commpay > Transactions


2. Ensure each filter is set to ALL (most should default to this)mceclip0.png

3. Only adjust the Group By field to 'Commpay Extract for X' or 'Commpay Extract for Xeppo' - whichever is available

4. Adjust the Search Period to the relevant period (i.e., last 12 months)

5. Select search and then select csv to export

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