⭐ Introduction to Opex Assent App

In this article we will discuss the Assent App conceptually, as well provide a high-level overview of its functionality.

If you're reading this article and you are not already a subscriber to Assent, please view all relevant information relating to the App on our website here.



What is the Assent App?

Assent is one of our Opex Apps that leverage the Xeppo data warehouse as a platform. This means the App is able to leverage the CRM data sitting in your Xeppo instance. At its core, the App addresses two challenges for you:

  1. Ensure required service documents (e.g. FDS, OSA, FTA, product fee consent) are issued to your clients in an accurate and timely manner.
  2. Track the provision of the underlying services that you have promised to your clients efficiently via defined evidence points.



Standard Opex Agreements

📎 Sample Fixed Term Contract (PDF)


📎 Sample Ongoing Service Agreement (PDF)

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