⭐ Introduction to Opex Management Insights

In this article we will discuss Opex Management Insights conceptually, as well as provide a high-level overview of its functionality.

If you're reading this article and you're not already a subscriber to Management Insights, or you wish to increase your subscription to include Business Insights & Compliance Insights, please raise a Zendesk ticket or email support@opexconsulting.com.au ATTN: Sales so we can discuss further.

What are Opex Xeppo Apps?

Management Insights is one of our Opex Apps that leverage the Xeppo data warehouse as a platform. This means the App is able to leverage the data sitting in your Xeppo instance for the specific purposes outlined below. We work closely with Xeppo to ensure that our Apps that run on top of it address specific challenges in your business whilst seamlessly integrating with your broader technology stack.

What is Power BI?

Developed by Microsoft, Power BI is a leading data visualisation software. Opex Management Insights is a standardised, templated set of reports that we have built using Power BI, with the data fed automatically from your Xeppo data warehouse into these templates behind the scenes. We are able to periodically provide updates & enhancements to the product via Microsoft's functionality.

Note: In order to use Management Insights, you must retain a Power BI Pro subscription independent of our service & subscription costs. Please speak with your 365 administrator for further information.

Conceptually, what is Management Insights?

We aim to address several potential challenges for you with this product:

  1. Provide business owners/management with easy access to information required to make key decisions & guide board discussions.
  2. Obtain actionable insights to assist in maintaining a compliant AFSL/practice.
  3. Leverage static revenue data into dynamic & interactive reporting.

We achieve this by combining three separate reports into the one product:

  1. Revenue Insights - in depth information on your AFSL/practice's revenue, updating dynamically based on data in Xeppo. Further information available in πŸ“ Management Insights Page-by-page: Revenue Insights.
  2. Business Insights - a concise collection of screens displaying a high-level overview on your revenue, sums insured, FUM & client base. Available at an additional subscription cost. Further information available in πŸ“ Management Insights Page-by-page: Business Insights.
  3. Compliance Insights - a number of screens concentrating on defined compliance KPIs and how they are being tracked in your CRM. Available at an additional subscription cost. Further information available in πŸ“ Management Insights Page-by-page: Compliance Insights.

The Opex Customer Success team engages in the process to provide you with a clear & organised onboarding experience. Once this is completed we will continue to engage with you via two avenues:

  • Opex Helpdesk - To assist you with any queries your team have during day to day usage.
  • Opex Customer Success - Will keep you in the loop via email communications & webinars when major updates and improvements are released, so you're always making the most of your investment.

How does Management Insights integrate with my CRM?

Our preferred CRM partner is Xeppo, which is why we have chosen to build Management Insights on top of their data warehouse. The App offers advanced interoperability with Xeppo Core & Activities App. Data points entered into Xeppo are reflected in the reporting soon after changes are made.

Xplan & other CRMs
Opex appreciates that Xplan & other CRMs aside from Xeppo often form a part of the technology stack for AFSLs delivering financial advice. Management Insights has been designed from the ground up to complement Xplan & similar applications you may be using currently as your CRM & repository of compliance data. Xeppo are able to set up automated imports of data into your data warehouse via their available connectors behind the scenes for use by Power BI (amongst other use cases).

Revenue Processing Solutions

The Xeppo data warehouse has connectors available for many major revenue processing providers. Alternatively, consider using our powerful, competitively priced Opex Next-gen Revenue Processing solution, purpose-built for Xeppo.

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