❎‍ RESOLVED: XPLAN Email Issue - when using Templates

Opex have recently been notified of a known IRESS issue when sending emails from XPLAN. 

When you go to select the relevant Email Template it sends a copy of the email template to the receiving client. It will then send a second email once you have edited the template and selected send. 

Currently, the only workaround that has been provided by IRESS is to avoid using email templates. 

This is a major item that we have raised to both XPLAN Support and the IRESS management team as to why this wasn't communicated to users. 

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UPDATE - 2:42pm AEDT

We have been notified that this issue only relates to XPLAN Version 19.3.59. If you are not on this version this issue does not effect you. 

IRESS have advised that the version 19.3.60 includes a resolution for this item, this version will be pushed out this evening. 

To check what XPLAN version you are on, navigate to a client in your XPLAN site and you can view the version at the bottom left of the screen.


If you have any further questions please contact the Opex Support team. 


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