📝 Revenue Insights - 3rd Party integration


The Opex Revenue Insights Power BI report provides rich analysis of revenue data at various levels, from high level account summary to client transactions. Some of the benefits of this report are:

  • Intuitive reporting
  • Taking control of your own data
  • Viewing data the way you want
  • Facilitation of business decisions
  • User friendly
  • Less need to share private files
  • Integration with Xeppo

In this guide, we will describe how to install the Power BI report, as well as how to use it.

For any queries, please raise a Zendesk ticket or email support@opexconsulting.com.au ATTN: Revenue Insights



You must have a Power BI Pro license/subscription in order to access the report - please refer to Microsoft documentation, or your IT team, for information on pricing if you do not already have it.

Before you can install the report, you would also need to ensure that your Power BI tenant settings allow the template to be installed. These tenant settings are usually restricted to an Office 365 Administrator/IT Team so you may need to request this change to be made by them. Below are instructions that can be shared with your IT Team, if you do not have access to this.

Select "Admin portal" from your settings option (as shown below).


Go to Tenant settings and ensure the following items are enabled:

  1. Push app to end users
  2. Install template apps
  3. Install apps not listed on Appsource





The link to the latest version of the Power BI Report can be found here. We will let you know when new versions are released, however if in doubt this link will always contain the latest.


To install the report, click on the above link. It will then give you the option to install the app.


Give your Workspace a name, eg Revenue Insights, so that you find your report again later.


Power BI will notify you when the download is complete. Click Go to App, then click Connect:


 Once installed and the app is opened, click on the Connect your data option at the top of the page





Change the Practice parameter to your xeppo domain name (other parameters can remain unchanged by default)

You will then need to enter your Practice Name which you can identify from your Xeppo URL, e.g. https://portal.xeppo.com.au/<Practice Name>/




Click the Next button.

Enter in your Xeppo username and password, ensuring the connection type is Basic and the Privacy level is Organizational


App is now ready to be used

  • If you are installing the build for the first time, Microsoft Power BI notifies you when the app is ready.
  • If you have an existing template app, Power BI prompts you to either install on a new workspace or replace the existing template app. Replacing the template app is recommended if you have existing issues with the report.

Scheduled Refresh 

This keeps your data up to date with latest Xeppo data


Ensure you setup a scheduled refresh by toggling keep your data up to date to on, selecting add another time and clicking apply.




Navigate back to the workspace and refresh the dataset as shown below:



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