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Opex Next-gen Revenue Processing

In this article, we will discuss this offering conceptually, and also provide a high-level overview of the practical components.

If you are reading this article and you are not already a subscriber to the offering, please raise a Zendesk ticket or email support@opexconsulting.com.au ATTN: Sales so we can discuss further.


Conceptually, what is the offering?

Opex Next-Gen Revenue Processing combines a number of different products & services into a holistic offering for AFSLs to:

  • Take supplier and/or directly debited revenue files and normalise them into a standardised format.
  • Push the normalised revenue data into the Xeppo data warehouse.
  • Use the revenue data in the Xeppo data warehouse for analytics (amongst other use cases not explicitly covered in this offering, such as Opex Assent).


The Opex Customer Success team engages in the process to provide you with a clear, organised and pleasant onboarding experience. Once this is completed, you will use the following Opex product/service lines:

  • Opex (Revenue Processing) Helpdesk - Provision of ongoing support service of a technical nature, pertaining to the offering. You pre-purchase a portion of hours for this purpose on an ongoing basis, per month.
  • Opex Revenue Insights - Provision of access to a Power BI report used as a data analytics layer on top of the Xeppo data warehouse. You pay a fee to receive access & updates to this product on an ongoing basis, per month.

Subsequent articles on our Zendesk describe in detail the steps in our Customer Success onboarding process that we will work through together.


At a higher level, the following products & services make up the broader holistic offering:

  • Opex Customer Success - As above, to assist you through the onboarding process.
  • Opex (Revenue Processing) Helpdesk - To answer ad-hoc technical questions during both the onboarding process and during ongoing participation in the offering.
  • Feezily - A cloud-based application developed by Step Ahead Software. The tool ingests non-standardised transactional revenue files available to AFSLs from product providers and normalises this data. The data can then be sent to the Xeppo data warehouse via a connector for matching with CRM data.
  • Xeppo - A cloud-based application which can be used as both a data warehouse & as a CRM. In the offering, data from Feezily is stored in the data warehouse, where it can then be matched with CRM data to add revenue information to Xeppo's holistic view of your clients.
  • Opex Revenue Insights - A Power BI report that leverages client revenue data (such as that delivered via Feezily) in the Xeppo data warehouse to facilitate data analytics.


As articulated above, the end goal in terms of the core process is the delivery of normalised revenue data into the Xeppo data warehouse. Different parties have responsibilities in each step:

  • Sourcing of supplier files - the AFSL.
  • Uploading of supplier files via a proscribed method - the AFSL.
  • Automated ingestion & processing of the uploaded supplier files into a normalised format - Feezily.
  • Push of the normalised revenue data into Xeppo via a connector - Feezily.
  • Ingestion of the normalised revenue data via a connector - Xeppo.
  • Matching of revenue data & CRM data in Xeppo - the AFSL.
  • Provision of a data analytics layer using the Xeppo data warehouse - Opex Revenue Insights.
  • Management of the onboarding process - Opex Customer Success.
  • Answering any ad-hoc technical questions - Opex (Revenue Processing) Helpdesk.

This is articulated at a high level in the below diagram:


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